Dr. Lamichhane believes in inclusive and dynamic development, ensuring that that no one is left behind. As a researcher, he pursues rigorous academic analysis of the effectiveness of various approaches to disability inclusive international development. He believes in both econometric as well as qualitative techniques to analyze and evaluate factors that impact the social inclusion and economic empowerment of people.

Besides focusing on human capital formation and disability-inclusiveness for post-2015 development goals and plans, Dr. Lamichhane also studies the association of disability and poverty with the particular focus on low and middle income countries, aiming not only to improve their lives but their families and the nation as a whole. More specifically, the following are his major field of researches:

  • Disability studies
  • Economics of education
  • Education and labor market
  • Inclusive education
  • Education and labor policy
  • Disability and development
  • Disability and disaster risk reduction