Every individual irrespective of disability, gender and other differences has many untapped rich and inspiring accounts of their skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences. With this recognition, I believe that strengthening the capacity of individuals to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential would help us cope the challenges we face in this century. The demand of this century is obviously to create and advance the science of human strengths rather than just labeling anyone with deficit based thoughts. In other words, I believe on the positive aspects of our lives, and to correct the negative, which is the opposite of just thinking what is broken and what is wrong. To change people’s mindset into a positive direction especially toward increasing acceptance of people with disabilities, evidence based advocacy is needed. Based on theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as field experience and data, we can influence policies and programs to be more inclusive to disability and other marginalized groups. Such efforts will be indeed helpful to make development itself fair and dynamic as well as sustainable.

Therefore, through research and evidence based advocacy, I look forward to working together toward building inclusive, sustainable, and resilient society where we all will have respect to each other and live the life with dignity.

Kamal Lamichhane, PhD
Associate Professor
CRICED, University of Tsukuba