Conference Presentations

Lamichhane K., Does teachers’ disability matter: teaching jobs for individuals with visual impairments in the mainstream schools in Nepal: a model for inclusion
59th Annual Conference of Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in Washington DC,

Lamichhane K., Teaching style considerations of teachers for students with visual impairments in mainstream classes: a case from Nepal
14th Disability studies in education conference, American educational research association (AERA) at Victoria University in Melbourne, Austraria/2014-07-25–2014-07-27

Lamichhane K., The nexus between gender, disability and labor market participation: Evidence from Bangladesh
8th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference at Keele University in UK/2014-06-24–2014-06-26

Lamichhane K., Disability and growth elasticity of poverty in a developing country
the closed workshop of researchers on How Do We Get the Growth We Want? Evidence on Improving the Quality of Growth in Paris, France/2014-02-03–2014-02-03

Lamichhane K., Post-MDGs: New Issues & Developments: empirical evidences on disability, poverty and labor market in developing countries
The Conference, Japan Society for International Development (JASID) at Osaka University in Japan/2013-12-01–2013-12-01

Lamichhane K., Teaching by Teachers with Visual Impairments in Mainstream Schools in Nepal: Model for Inclusive Employment
12th conference organized by Nordic Network on Disability research in Turku, Finland/2013-05-30–2013-05-31

Lamichhane K., Moving Toward Inclusive Development: Disability, Poverty and Inequality
29th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Honolulu, USA/2013-04-29–2013-04-30

Lamichhane K. & Sawada Y., Disability, Education and Employment: Evidence from Nepal
International Conference on Disability Economics in New York, USA/2011-06-29–2011-06-30

Lamichhane K. & Sawada Y., Disability and Returns to Education in a Developing Country
World Bank Seminar in Washington DC, USA/2011-06-28–2011-06-28

Lamichhane K., Employment Situation and Life Changes for Persons with Disabilities: Evidence from Nepal
Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities at the University of Hawaii in USA/2011-04-18–2011-04-19

Lamichhane K., Relationship between years of schooling of people with disabilities and wage earnings: A Case from Nepal
Seminar on disability and economy, Research on Economy and Disability (READ) at the University of Tokyo in Japan/2011-03-05–2011-03-05

Lamichhane K. & Sawada Y., Disability and Returns to Education: A Case Study from Nepal
Japan Economic Association’s annual conference at Sensyu University in Japan/2009-10-9–2009-10-11

Lamichhane K. & Sawada Y., Disability and Returns to Education: A Case Study from Nepal
Far East and South Asia Meeting of the Econometric Society at the University of Tokyo in Japan/2009-08-03–2009-08-05

Lamichhane K., Economic Value of Education for Persons with Disabilities: a Case Study from Nepal
5th Toudai Forum of the University of Tokyo at Manchester Metropolitan University in UK/2009-04-29–2009-04-30

Lamichhane K. & Iwabuchi M., A country with 300 Teachers with visual impairments in local mainstream schools
ATAC at Kyoto conference hall in Japan/2008-12–2008-12

Lamichhane K., Socio-Economic Status of Nepalese with Visual Impairments: Result of a Pilot Study
21st World Congress of Rehabilitation International (RI) in Quebec, Canada/2008-08-25–2008-08-27

Lamichhane K., Achieving Equality in Education for Nepalese Children with Visual Impairments: Challenges/Opportunities
International Conference of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Chicago, USA/2008-07-22–2008-07-27

Lamichhane K., Persons with Disabilities in Nepalese Media
International Symposium on Barrier Free Broadcasting in Yokohama, Japan/2004-02-28–2004-02-29